Staff Directory

Located in The Law Society building downtown Vancouver, the CBABC Branch Office is here to serve our more than 6,500 members around the province. 

We invite members and non-members alike to contact us with any questions or comments:

Executive and Support Services

We lead governance support and services to the President, Executive Committee and Provincial Council. We also provide corporate and administrative support to numerous Standing and Special Committees, Task Forces, Strategic Planning and Branch Administration. Our finance team works with members and staff to plan, develop and manage the BC Branch annual budget, and provide accounts payable/receivable services to members and suppliers.

Name Title Phone Email
Kerry L. Simmons, QC Executive Director 604.687.3404  x320
Leah Wilson, CPA, CGA Finance & Administration Manager 604.646.7860
Stuart Rennie Legislation & Law Reform Officer 604.687.3404 x357

Juvy Self Senior Accounting Clerk 604.646.7852
Andrew Smith Executive Coordinator 604.646.7851
Communications and Membership

The communications team is responsible for all knowledge and information systems related to corporate communications and marketing plans, sponsorship, brand management, advertising, publications, digital content, website development. As well, this group works with members, government, media and other legal stakeholders to advocate on behalf of members.

Name Title Phone Email
Carolyn Lefebvre Director of Communications
& Strategic Initiatives
Deborah Carfrae BarTalk Editor
Travis Dudfield Digital Content Officer 604.646.7861
Kent Hurl Member Communications Officer 604.646.7868
Chris LaPrairie Marketing & Advertising Manager 604.687.3404 x318
Lorraine Nylund REAL Program Manager
Judy Yen Knowledge and Information Systems Manager 604.646.7859
Member Services

The Member Services team is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of our members through one point of contact for all member needs - from enrolment in Sections and participation in Professional Development courses and webinars to fielding questions regarding membership and benefits.

Name Title Phone Email
Alexandra Suchy Director of
Member Services
Sanjit Purewal Professional Development Project Manager 604.646.7866
Michaela David Section Liaison Officer 604.646.7857
Ella May Meetings & Events
Arianne Moran Section Liaison Officer 604.646.7867
Heidi Nelson Member Services Assistant 604.638.1920
Sianne Petrisor Section Liaison Officer 604.646.7854