BarTalk | February 2019

  • February 01, 2019
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Fairness, lack of delay, and access to legal services are recognized as fundamental to free and democratic society; criminal sentencing is meant to “protect [that] society and to contribute ... to respect for the law and the maintenance of a just, peaceful and safe society.” Articles in this issue of BarTalk cover the disparity between government revenues and expenditures on legal aid and LSS’s budgetary issues in producing Gladue reports for its clients. Authors question the assumption that the Correctional Service Canada provides the “correction” apparently assumed by the Criminal Code, and note that substance abuse and mental health issues, in particular, create result in high rates of recidivism. Authors note the importance of considering collateral consequences of sentencing (including immigration consequences) and using preliminary inquiries to reduce delay; and calls are made for a systematic, data-driven approach to rehabilitation of Indigenous offenders.



Margaret Mereigh
The Failed Social Contract

The implications for democracy and government legitimacy

by Margaret A. Mereigh

What Happens to Convicts When They are Sent to Prison?

by Edison L. Heba

Kerry Simmons
Solving Problems,
It’s What We Do

We have the skills, so let’s use them together

by Kerry L. Simmons, QC

Individualization and the Future of Sentencing

The collateral consequences of
R. v. Suter

by Benjamin L. Berger

Randy Robinson
Indigenous Matters
Time for Action

Building tools for justice

by Randy Robinson

Bill C-75 and the Erosion of the Preliminary Inquiry

A case for retaining the preliminary inquiry

by Mila Shah

Tony Wilson
Fake News!!!

A (social) science experiment

by Tony Wilson, QC

Groia v. Law Society of Upper Canada

Guidance for criminal defence lawyers raising allegations of prosecutorial misconduct

by Crystal Tomusiak

David J. Bilinsky
New Year,
New Vistas

Time to do a bit of spring cleaning

by David J. Bilinsky

The Practice of Criminal Law

A glimpse into daily life in and out of court

by Lisa Jean Helps

Tech Tips
Upgrading Your Computer
to Windows 10

by David J. Bilinksy

Collateral Immigration Consequences

What criminal lawyers should know and do

by Megan Street

Can Suburban Practice Plug the Brain Drain?

Millennials, look here before you leave

by Sara Forte

BarTalk Goes Back in Time

30th Anniversary Issue

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