BarTalk | December 2001

  • December 01, 2001

Successful Challenges to Legislation; Why Pro Bono?; A Letter From the Law Society?; CBA Urges Protection for Confidential Information; Building a Bicycle - Commercial Transactions; What Are Lawyers Capable Of? Judge For Yourself; and more.

BarTalk | December 2000

  • December 01, 2000

Ontario Responds To Cory Report; Saluting Our Volunteers; Winning Advocacy In Today's World: Cross-Cultural Communication In The Courts; Law Firm Marketing 101; CBA's Legal Aid Watch; CBABC Equality Committee; Recognizing The Profession's "Unsung Heroes"; and more.

BarTalk | December 1999

  • December 01, 1999

Refugee Hearing Questioned; Battered Women's Services and Pro Bono Work; Ask The Registrar; Report From the Front Line; Canada: A Refuge or Not?; and more.

BarTalk | December 1998

  • December 01, 1998

Probate Fees Declared Invalid; Women Judges - Are They Making a Difference?; Ask the Registrar; When is Laughter the Best Medicine?; Yes, Joy in the Practice of Law!; and more.

BarTalk | November/December 1994

  • November 01, 1994

Georges A. Goyer, QC Memorial Award for Distinguished Service; CBA fights to protect RRSP contributions; New CBA initiative aimed at increasing public awareness of benefits of working with a lawyer; and more.

BarTalk | December 1996

  • December 01, 1996

Why wasn't the Bar consulted on proposed courthouse closures?; There is good reason to feel anxious; Chambers family practice; The judiciary moves forward with reforms to the justice system; and more.

BarTalk | December 1995

  • December 01, 1995

Make BC shine by volunteering to help 1996 CBA/Commonweath Law Conference; In praise of Provincial Court Judges; Death Buy-Sell Rights in Shareholders' Agreements; and more.

BarTalk | December 1997

  • December 01, 1997

What's Going on in the Courts?; Honouring Our Own; Planning Points for Avoiding Probate Fees; Major Changes to Builders' Lien System; Lessons from Kelowna Project; Straight Talk from New Lawyers; The Evolution of the Courthouse; and more.

BarTalk | December 2006

  • December 01, 2006

Effective Law Reform, One Meeting at a Time; Executive Appointment | Equality Committee; Effective Affordable Civil Justice; A Day in the Life of a Public Interest Lawyer; Crime, Safety and Chronic Offenders; Social-Justice Integration; and more.

BarTalk | December 2004

  • December 01, 2004

Taking Action; CBABC Work Life Balance Committee; Achieving Work-Life Balance: The Importance of Balance; Is Work-Life Balance Possible?; Another Day at the Office; and more.