A review of provincial Section meetings

  • August 01, 2018

Sections Round-Up 2017/2018

A total of 436 CBABC members volunteered to oversee our highly active 76 Sections. They have been an integral part of the success of Sections, and we thank them all for all their efforts in building a stronger and robust group of Sections. These volunteers have produced and hosted 350+ meetings through their Sections this term, which were accredited for more than 380 CPD hours. More than 4600 BC members enrolled in Sections this term. We look forward to working with the new slate of Volunteer Executive Officers in September!

Webinar Technologies – Inclusiveness

In recognizing the importance of facilitating mutual collaboration within the legal profession, the CBABC has been bridging the gap between lawyers from all across Canada. The Branch has been committed to facilitating remote access for Section meetings for 15+ years, and in doing so, has built up its technological arsenal every year to bring you the very best in live streaming; connecting you with speakers you otherwise may not have access to. In hosting more than 55% of our Section meetings by webinar, more than 3000 members met their professional development needs remotely.

Sections Recognition – Thank You!

We would like to recognize all 76 BC Sections for hosting in-person meetings and webinars throughout this term, working closely with Sections staff to make 275+ of our 400+ guest speakers accessible to all CBABC members. Of our 76 BC Sections, 55 of these held one or more of their meetings remotely, accounting for 194 remotely accessible meetings. We would like to recognize the Aboriginal Law – Vancouver, Banking Law, Business Law, Charities and Not-for-Profit Law, Civil Litigation – Vancouver, Civil Litigation – Vancouver Island, Elder Law, Insolvency Law, Labour Law, Legal Research, Real Property – Vancouver, Securities Law, Taxation Law, Unbundled Legal Services, and the Wills & Trusts – Vancouver Sections. These 15 Sections held 25% of the total meetings hosted this year, holding more than 80% of their meetings by webinar.

Sections and Professional Development Joint Conferences

 The CBABC recognizes the importance of hosting conferences in partnership with its Sections for the benefit of its committed members. Offering substantive and procedural law, these conferences target specific areas of law as practised by the collaborating Section’s membership, offering upwards of 12 hours of CPD for Section specific content. This term, nine Sections hosted joint Conferences with
Professional Development.

The Animal Law Section hosted the first Animal Law Conference of its kind in Canada, bringing together lawyers from Canada and south of the border to share ideas and to discuss developments in a variety of current animal law areas. Speakers and guests discussed cross-border views on legal issues affecting companion animals in an open forum, bringing together leaders in the field from both sides of the border.

The Family Law – Okanagan Section continued its annual multi-day conference in Vernon, welcoming back Aaron Franks to present his much-anticipated Year in Review, a look back at the most notable cases from across the country.

The Solicitors’ General Practice – Central Vancouver Island Section held its Annual Conference in Parksville featuring presentations on Employment Law, Marine Law, WESA, Director Liability, Foreshore Leases and Mortgages, Corporate Records, Insolvency Specialists, Electronic Filing at the LTO and Physician Assisted Dying. One attendee commented that the conference included “lots of useful and practical topics. [It was] good to meet other solicitors and put faces to names and know you can call each other for assistance.”

The Immigration Law Section held its Annual Conference in Vancouver for a sold-out crowd again this year, welcoming a large host of private and government speakers to present on topics such as express entry, jurisprudence, technology and practice management, work permits, family class applications, and a primer on inadmissibility. Speaking to the collegiality of the Bar, one attendee commented “of particular value was the ability to hear from the people on the “other side,” the representatives from IRCC.”

The four BC Women Lawyers Forums held a sold-out Women Lawyers Conference & Retreat in Vernon this year, with the theme of “Tackling Change in Practice, and Beyond” as its focus. A member commented that “it was a powerful opportunity to hear from these women who underlined why they have succeeded in being such compassionate judges and leaders in our Bar.”

The ADR – Vancouver Section welcomed Audrey Lee to present “Mind Bugs: Working with your own Biases as Lawyers & Mediators.” Audrey taught awareness raising exercises and shared strategies to address implicit bias. An attendee commented “[Audrey] was not only a talking head. I enjoyed the facilitated discussions, her drawing ideas out and letting people speak. It really helped lessen the intimidation factor I usually see at lawyer events.”

The ADR – Victoria Section invited respected Wayne Plenert to present “Transformative Conflict – A Practitioners’ Perspective,” to explore how a transformative approach might impact a variety of mediation areas, including family, workplace, and personal injury. Wayne did a great job in facilitating group discussions and challenging the way lawyers look at things.

The Criminal Justice – Vancouver Section hosted its Annual Dinner with keynote address given by Dennis Edney, QC, who spoke extensively on his professional and personal experiences as the Foreign Attorney Consultant, appointed by the U.S. Pentagon, participating in the defence of Omar Khadr, a young Canadian who was once detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The CBABC Aboriginal Lawyers Forum hosted its 7th Annual Retreat and 11th Anniversary National Aboriginal Day Auction Reception. The Retreat theme this year was Honouring Colten Boushie and Tina Fontaine: Making a Difference, Be the Difference. The ALF hopes to raise awareness about how lawyers can expand their practice areas or knowledge about the legal issues that come into play in these situations.


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