October 2016 Section Update

  • October 01, 2016

Insurance Law

Meeting in Review: June 28, 2016
Speaker: Richard Lindsay, QC (pictured on left)
Winner: Greg Tucker, QC (pictured on right)

Topic: Insurance Lawyer of the Year Award Dinner and AGM

On June 28, 2016 members of the Insurance Law Section met to honour Greg Tucker, QC, as Insurance Lawyer of the Year. Richard Lindsay, QC, always a great speaker, introduced his friend and colleague and listed his numerous accomplishments. But the best part of the evening was the recipient’s own Ode to Insurance Law, a poem he wrote and performed:

Insurance should be a simple thing,
How hard can it be?
Slips and fall in shopping malls,
Homeowner’s property.

But then there’s R&Rs and D&Os
Hull and machinery;
There’s EPLs and E&Os,
And the dreaded RFP.

There’s follow form and marketform,
And binding authority,
And there’s the ever subtle difference
Between defence and indemnity.

There are umbrellas that don’t keep out rain,
And wraps that you can’t eat.
LEGs that you can’t stand on,
And uninjured casualties.

There are towers you can’t live in,
And subscriptions you can’t read.
And don’t expect to be kept warm under
A blanket COC.

But if it’s not as simple
As it all should be,
That means one thing to you and I,
Job security.

Animal Law 

Meeting in Review:  June 30, 2016
Speaker: Elisabeth Ormandy, Ph.D., Executive Director of Animals in Science Policy Institute
Topic: Animals Used in Research and the Law & Elections

Dr. Elisabeth Ormandy is a founder of Animals in Science Policy Institute. She spoke about the current use of the three million animals in research in Canada. Elisabeth discussed the various policies, laws and society’s views that are engaged in animal testing. She made a compelling argument that technological advancements in science have made the use of nonhuman animals obsolete.

Solicitors’ General Practice Central Vancouver Island 

Meeting in Review: August 16, 2016
Speaker: Marty Eakins, Hayes McNeill & Partners Ltd.

Topic: Consumer and Commercial Proposals Under the Bankruptcy Legislation

On August 16, 2016, Marty Eakins, CPA, CA, CIRP, Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) of Hayes McNeill & Partners Ltd. presented to the Solicitor’s General Practice – Central Vancouver Island Section on Consumers Proposals under Division I and II. He provided an overview of bankruptcy law in Canada and then focused on consumer proposals and the requirements for each type of proposal. Marty went over the practical aspects of how Consumer Proposals work for our clients and the role of the Licensed Insolvency Trustee in the process. He provided new counsel with a good basic understanding and then spent time answering more seasoned counsel’s questions on very specific issues their clients have faced in their efforts to negotiate with creditors.