Sections Round-Up

  • August 01, 2017

A Review of the 2016/17 Section Year

It has been an exciting year for CBABC Sections, with a flurry of meetings taking place throughout the term. This year alone, members attended 400+ Section meetings to listen to over 450 guest speakers. More than 470 lawyers of the Bar volunteered their time to take on positions of Section Executive Officers to support 75 highly active Sections, with more than 18,500+ member Section enrollments taking place. Throughout the course of the term, the CBABC awarded 335 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) through Sections.

Remote Technologies Reaching Beyond Borders 

The CBABC has come a long way in the last 15 years using its Webinar Platform, as Section meetings and Professional Development seminars have seen a surge in increased member participation and engagement. Of the 400+ Section meetings held this term, 195 of these meetings were offered with remote access options to more than 3800+ members. 

With the advent of high-speed broadband and wireless networks, the CBABC has bridged the gap between the Lower Mainland and remote urban cities sprawled across BC and the Yukon, connecting members to speakers from across the country and from across international borders! 

International Law 

This term the International Law Section has continued its tradition of inviting speakers to present to CBABC members using webinar technologies, providing valuable insights on subject matters that their distinguished speakers specialize in. This term, the Section welcomed Professor Kerry Lynn S. Nankivell of the Daniel K. Inouye Center for Security Studies in Honolulu. Speaking from Honolulu, Kerry spoke on the history, key players and legal regimes involved in the South China Sea disputes and the important question of why parties are disputing the South China Sea. More specifically, she discussed whether the use of the legal regimes has encouraged or hindered resolution of the South China Sea disputes. The Section also welcomed Professor Daniel Turp, University of Montreal, to speak to Vancouver and Victoria audiences about Canadian munition sales to Saudi Arabia and human rights, speaking on litigation he has initiated in Canadian domestic courts to challenge the export permit granted. Professor Turp spoke specifically on the domestic and international laws raised in the litigation.

Sections and PD Join to Host Full-Day/ Multi-Day Professional Development Conferences 

Building upon the cordiality of hosting full-day and/or multi-day conferences with CBABC Professional Development; a host of Sections have provided extensive professional development for lawyers that exceed typical Section meetings which offer a maximum of two hours of CPD per meeting. Offering 6-12 hours of CPD through such conferences, these Sections target specific areas of law as practised by the collaborating Section’s membership.

The Immigration Law, Family Law – Okanagan, Solicitors’ General Practice – Central Vancouver Island, Women Lawyers Forum – Kamloops, and Criminal Justice – Vancouver Sections, to name a few, have been hosting highly successful annual conferences with CBABC Professional Development for several years. Offering substantive and procedural law, these conferences stand out as they go beyond your traditional means of acquiring mandatory CPD hours. These conferences have social characteristics, offering you an opportunity to not only learn, but to network and socialize with other guests and respected speakers in a relaxed environment. Over the years, the CBABC has hosted formal dinners, ski trips, wine tours, spa days, BBQs, and other social activities, to take you out of the classroom so you may also build your social networks.

So keep a lookout in 2017/2018 for joint Sections and PD conferences in your county.

Is your Section interested in hosting a joint Professional Development Conference?

Has your Section thought about holding a full or multi-day conference with a variety of esteemed speakers that cover different aspects of your Section’s legal practice area? Is your Section looking to refresh its membership base and offer an exceptional day of educational seminars along with social activities?

CBABC’s Sections and Professional Development joint conferences connect lawyers in your Section to members and non-members across the province. These conferences are promoted on a large scale, with distribution of customized messaging sent through Section specific e-blasts, and PD e-blasts that target specific BC counties, and feature prominent advertising in CBABC’s News & Jobs which reaches members and non-members alike.

The CBABC recognizes the importance of hosting conferences in partnership with its Sections that assist in the overall success of a Section. Take advantage of the benefit of revenue sharing with PD. It’s a win-win!

Reach out to CBABC Professional Development in 2017/2018, and let’s work together to create a custom conference for your Section!

New Section 2017/2018
Unbundling of Legal Services Section

Gaining popularity in Canada, unbundling is not new; lawyers have been providing unbundled services for many decades in a wide variety of practice areas. In the area of family law, providing independent legal advice on a mediation agreement is an unbundled service. Many family lawyers provide a free or flat-fee based initial consultation meeting with people who need guidance with respect to their family legal problems. That, too, is an unbundled legal service.

The CBABC welcomes this newly formed Section, which will provide a forum for professional development, education, networking, peer support, information exchange and discussion regarding the effective provision of unbundled legal services (also called “limited scope” legal services) in BC.