You Are Invited...

  • December 01, 2015
  • Gerald J. Lecovin, QC

From the Senior Lawyers Section

One of the older practitioners in your firm? What will you do when, after 40 or so years of practice, you find yourself thinking of pulling the plug? What will you do when you’ve retired and suddenly realize that you no longer have any connection with the people you spent your working life with? Universities and high schools have alumni associations. Some professions have professional associations. BC lawyers have the Senior Lawyers Section of the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association.

The name is misleading. We are practising lawyers, ex-lawyers and ex-judges, who may or may not still be members* (see below) of the CBA. Our common denominator is that we are all over 55.

Once every few months we receive an invitation for drinks at 6:30 p.m.; dinner at 7:00 p.m. and a speaker following. Those who are free and find the speaker’s topic of interest send in a cheque to the CBABC. Usually this turns out to be a group of men and women numbering between 15 and 20. There is a no-host bar and you have a choice of a meat or fish three-course meal in a specially reserved room.

Our speakers are an eclectic group, ranging from retired university professors, scientists and police chiefs, to entertainers and politicians. Their topics are not necessarily legal, but rather generally educational and invariably interesting; some, like Christopher Gaze, quite entertaining.

The proceedings are informal and the conversation, congenial. One comes away from the evening with a feeling of time well spent in good company. Those who study the effects of ageing, tell us that one of the ways to combat the advent of Alzheimer’s disease, is to cultivate an active social life.

If you are interested, send your name and email address to You will receive the invitations and can attend when it pleases you. For those still practising, some of the meetings qualify for CPD credits.

Gerald J. Lecovin, QC
Chair, Senior Lawyers Section

*If you are not a CBA member, please contact to enquire about attending a Section meeting with a Privilege Pass.