Credit, Debt and Consumer

Credit and Debt
245   Your Bank Account - Audio
246   Buying Goods on Credit, Credit Cards and Credit Bureaus - Audio
248   Co-Signing or Guaranteeing a Loan - Audio
250   Collection of Debts - Audio
251   Garnishment - Audio
252   Harassment by Debt Collectors - Audio
253   When You Can't Pay Your Debts - Audio
254   Warehouse Liens - Audio
268   Builders Liens - Audio

255   Door-to-Door Sales, Time-Shares and Contracts You Can Cancel - Audio
256   Shopping by Phone, Mail or the Internet - Audio
257   Buying Defective Goods - Audio
258   Receiving Unsatisfactory Services - Audio
260   Dishonest Business Practices and Schemes - Audio
233   Class Actions in British Columbia - Audio

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