Vancouver Bar Association

The Vancouver Bar Association, also known as the VBA, was founded in 1892 and is a voluntary association of approximately 2,500 lawyers from the County of Vancouver. The various activities of the VBA are directed at fulfilling the purposes of the VBA, as described by its Constitution:

  • To advance and protect the interest of the members of the legal profession residing or practicing in the County of Vancouver, Province of British Columbia;
  • To foster harmonious relations and cordial intercourse among its members;
  • To uphold the honour and dignity of the profession of the law;
  • To encourage a high standard of legal education, training and ethics;
  • To cooperate with the Law Society of British Columbia and with the Benchers thereof and with other associations of lawyers in the furtherance of any of the objects of the Association;
  • To circulate among its members information on all matters affecting the legal profession; and
  • To print, publish, issue and circulate such papers, periodicals, magazines, books, circulars and other literary undertakings as may seem conducive to any of the above objects.

We wish to thank the Vancouver Bar Association for its generous support of Law Week events.