Call for Nominations: Election of Section Representatives to Provincial Council

  • March 25, 2020

Under the Bylaws of CBABC, there are eighteen (18) representatives from Sections elected to Provincial Council, each elected for a two-year term. Successful candidates must maintain CBA membership throughout their term of office.


Any member of a Section Executive at December 31, 2019 is eligible to stand for election. Each candidate should complete the Section Nomination Form and provide it and a one-page Candidate Statement containing biographical data and/or an election statement. The Information Sheet will be provided to the Electorate.

As this is the first election of Section Representatives, in order to establish a staggered election system for the future, candidates are asked to advise the Executive Director whether or not they wish to serve for one year or two. Once the successful candidates are known, there will be a determination of the length of terms.

Nominations for these positions must be in writing and signed by two members of the Section executive members and the nominee, all of whom must be CBA members. The Nomination and Candidate Statement, must be completed and received at the Branch Office of the Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch Attention: Kerry Simmons QC, Executive Director, at, ON OR BEFORE 5:00 P.M. Thursday May 21, 2020.


Where a Section representative represents only one section (eg. Aboriginal Lawyers Forum), the entire Executive of that Section is the Electorate and eligible to vote. Where a Section representative represents a number of geographic regions (like Family Law) or a number of sections, the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary of each related Executive is eligible to vote. Those eligible to vote (the Electorate) will be notified. Those standing for election will receive a list of the Electorate related to their position. Voting will take place electronically. 

For details and variances, see the Governance Policy 2020. If you have questions, please contact the Executive Director.

Section Number to
be Elected
Aboriginal Lawyers Forum 1 8-member Executive of ALF
Women Lawyers Forum 1 12 (3 from each of the 4 Sections)
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Community 1 9-member Executive of SOGIC
Canadian Corporation Council Association 1 14-member Executive of CCCA
Business Law Section 1 13-member Executive of Business Law
Family Law Sections 1 21 (3 from each of the 7 Sections)
Criminal Justice Sections 1 15 (3 from each of the 5 Sections)
Civil Litigation Sections 1 12 (3 from each of the 4 Sections)
Will & Estates Sections 1 9 (3 from each of the 3 Sections)
Young Lawyers Sections 1 12 (3 from each of the 4 Sections)
Real Estate/Property Sections 1 9 (3 from each of the 3 Sections)
Remaining Sections 7 129 (3 from each of the remaining 43 Sections)
Total 18