Appointment of Judicial Justices to the Provincial Court of British Columbia

  • March 13, 2019

I am pleased to announce on March 11, 2019, William Rodgers and Lori Plater were appointed per diem Judicial Justices of the Provincial Court of British Columbia.

William Rodgers
Retired Judge Rodgers graduated from the University of Windsor, Ontario with an LLB in May 1976. He was appointed to the Bench on January 14, 1991 and assigned to the Coast Region with Chambers in North Vancouver. Between 2008 and 2011 he was the Administrative Judge for the North Vancouver courthouse. He was President of the BC Provincial Court Judges Association in 2002, has been a member of the Judicial Council of BC, the Commonwealth Judges Association and American Judges Association. Judge Rodgers is an Honorary Colonel of the 15th Field Artillery Regiment. In September 2011, he became a Senior Judge and retired from the Court on completion of his seven year term in August 2018.

Lori Plater
Lori Plater graduated from the University of Victoria with an LLB in May 1988, was called to the BC Bar in May 1989 and the Alberta Bar in January 1997. Following articles with Harman & Company in Victoria (May 1988 – May 1989) Ms. Plater began her legal career as a Provincial Crown Prosecutor in Surrey and Delta, BC. In 1996 Ms. Plater moved to Calgary where she continued working for the Provincial Crown but then later joined the Federal Department of Justice as a Federal Prosecutor. She was appointed to sit as a Judicial Justice in 2008 in Calgary. She was also appointed to a concurrent term with the Parole Board of Canada.
On behalf of the Court I wish to congratulate Judicial Justices Rodgers and Plater on their appointment to the Court and thank them for their willingness to serve.

Melissa Gillespie
Chief Judge
Provincial Court of British Columbia