Below are some government and other assistance programs for law firms and businesses. If you know of other applicable programs, please let us know at


The following organizations have developed lists of resources and assistance programs for small businesses.


The Canada’s Covid-19 Economic Response Plan includes support programs for businesses such as: supportive tax measures, credit increases for all Canadian businesses experiencing cash flow challenges, the launch of an insured mortgage purchase program, employee wage subsidies and special support for vulnerable groups. Read the full Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

Canada’s Resources for Business include considerations for employees, businesses, business travel and events; and international markets. Read more.


BC’s COVID-19 Action Plan includes the following information for businesses:

Read the BC COVID-19 Action Plan for information on personal and business programs.

WorksafeBC provides information for employers to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Read their recommendations.


The CBA’s National Labour and Employment Law Section created a pandemic preparedness resource guide to address key questions for employers, unions and employees.

This guide helps lawyers prepare their clients and advise them during a pandemic. It can also be used by lawyers to assess the effect a pandemic could have on their own workplace. It covers such things as pandemic plans, vaccination requirements, work refusals, forced absences, compassionate care leave and doctor’s notes. The guide includes a concise two-page chart that can be shared with clients and covers what to expect and what measures to take during three different stages of a pandemic in the workplace.



It’s the topic on everyone’s mind – what do you do in a pandemic. And for employment lawyers specifically – how do you protect the workplace? What type of legislation are we dealing with when it comes to responding to pandemics? Learn more with guest Sheila Osborne-Brown. Recorded Feb 27, 2020.