Diversity on the Bench | Kamloops

Date & Time

  • May 28
  • 04:45 PM - 07:00 PM


  • Kamloops, BC
  • Thomson Rivers University

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About Diversity on the Bench

The case for diversity in applications to the judiciary and on the bench is strong. Diversity benefits not only particular judgments, but also public perception of the judiciary and the law. When the range of people who sit in judgment do not fully reflect the varied communities they serve, an impression can be left that hearings are not impartial and results are not fair.

Research shows singular worldview and implicit biases are detrimental to creating accessible, merit-based and innovative systems. Thus, in a shrinking world where increased cultural competency and inclusion are needed more than ever, the starting point for bridging gaps in our awareness and knowledge is open dialogue.

Please join the Equality and Diversity Committee for an engaging discussion and reception.

Distinguished members of the judiciary will share their experiences and discuss the appointment processes as well as reflect on why a representative judiciary is important.

You will have an opportunity to network with other members of the legal profession, as well as consider more deeply your own practices and aspirations.