In Memoriam of
S. R. Chamberlain, QC

Date & Time

  • May 15
  • 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM


  • Vancouver, BC
  • Law Courts Inn
  • 800 Smithe Street

There will be a memorial for the late Mr. S. R. Chamberlain, QC, who passed on March 18, 2019, at the Law Courts Inn in Vancouver on May 15 at 4pm.

Mr. Chamberlain was a well-known trial lawyer who practised in BC for more than 50 years.

Tanya Chamberlain and Ian Donaldson, QC and their children extend this invitation to all who would like to attend.

Drinks and appetizers will be served. 

The following obituary for Mr. Chamberlain was originally published in The Vancouver Sun:

Selwyn Russel Chamberlain was born into a family of true BC pioneers: the Chamberlains, in the Invermere area of the province and the Freers in the Peace River. Selwyn and his brother, Clayton were born in Fort St John. Eventually the family moved to Penticton, where sister Sally was born. As kids, Russ was the ring leader, taking them off on challenging adventures: hiking the cliffs of Okanagan Lake, catching rattlesnakes or swimming the canal to Skaha Lake. Whenever the three of them were in trouble, Russ usually got them off, often taking the blame - a habit he continued all his life.

After graduating law in 1967, Russ began his legal career at Rankin & Company where he remained a partner for 11 years. These were exciting, challenging years during which he worked with Harry Rankin and many excellent young lawyers. It is during these years that Russ developed into an outstanding courtroom lawyer who had some of the biggest trials in the province's history.

Not only was Russ working long hours as a lawyer at this time, he married his first wife, Ursula Schaefer with whom he had a daughter, Tanya.

After leaving Rankin Co, Russ spent most of the next 14 years with his long-time friend, Romano Giusti. He then formed his own firm, SRC Law Corp., where he worked until several weeks before he died. During 37 of these years, Debbie Crew was his incredibly loyal legal assistant.

If you ever needed help of any kind, he was there without question. The number of family, friends, colleagues and strangers he helped over the years, financially and legally is huge. For family there was security in knowing he was always there to help if we were in any kind of trouble. He was our protector.

Russ had a strong work ethic and amazing energy that allowed him to be successful in different areas of his life, including athletics where he enjoyed running, cycling, water skiing, football, English equestrian riding, snow skiing and squash.

Although in public he appeared intimidating and tough, he always had the biggest heart and was extremely sensitive underneath. He could be loud, cantankerous and stern, but if you were lucky enough to be close to Russ Chamberlain, you knew what a gentle, caring and sweet man he truly was.

For the last 28 years, Russ shared his life with his wife, Cindy and their 4 children: Erin, Ford, Will and Colt. For them, he was an amazing husband and father who worked hard to provide for his family and give his children every possible opportunity. His children felt safe growing up because he was always there to protect them. He encouraged and supported them to do what they wanted in life. He instilled in them as much confidence as possible in order for them to succeed and achieve their dreams. He was incredibly proud of his children.

Russ Chamberlain lived his life with passion, energy and integrity. He has left footprints on the hearts of many but especially his family.