Book club to discuss “Lean Out – How to Dismantle the Corporate Barriers that Hold Women Back”

  • October 23, 2018

This meeting was held at 5:30 PM at QA Law in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Guest Speakers

Maureen F. Fitzgerald


Despite years of climbing corporate ladders women are still lagging behind. Many are stalling at mid career while others are leaving to find more balanced and meaningful work. Most are working way too hard simply trying to have a real life and a work life at the same time.

While men continue to move into the upper levels, women are told that they simply need to be more courageous or work harder to get to the top. As suggested by Sheryl Sandberg in her best-selling book, women just need to “Lean In.”

In an intelligent and humorous approach, Fitzgerald refuses to blame women and shifts the focus to the barriers that hold women back including  double standards and the 24/7 workplace. In doing so she not only opens eyes but provides practical tools for both men and women who want to dismantle the glass ceiling - once and for all.

Maureen F. Fitzgerald, PhD, JD, LLM, BComm is a Gender Diversity Advisor. She practiced law for 20 years and has written eleven books, many articles and hundreds of blogs. She has a business degree, a law degree, a master of law degree from the London School of Economics and a doctorate degree. In her former life, Maureen was a policy lawyer, mediator and professor at two universities. As a leader of thoughts and people, Maureen writes and speaks often about social justice, equality and mindfulness. Her motto is: Sharing the right ideas at the right time can change the world. You can find her at


Duration of meeting was 1.8 hours. Of this, 1.0 hours can be counted towards CPD.

Submitted by Section Education Committee Co-Chair: Olena Gavrilova, QA Law