Ode to Mentorship from a Middle Aged Mother of Teens

By Carmel Wiseman

Aaah mom! Eyeroll, headslap, a groan of despair
Those kids who adored you are no longer there,
Instead you’ve got teens who despair of your brain,
They think that you’re dumb; and your jokes are soooo lame.

You embarrass them always in front of their mates,
And heaven forbid you should meet with their dates!
Jeez mom! Not all booty involves pirate ships -
And those pants you’ve got on - they should start at your hips.
They’re up to your boobs - or your boobs are too low
We can’t go out like that - I might see someone I know.

You look in the mirror - and you ask “is it true?”
“OK, say that it is . .. well then, what shall I do?”
“Who might find me of help - who might learn at my side?”
“Ask for advice - and restore me some pride?”

The fact is there are many who value your years,
Your experience with practice - your hopes and your fears.
You’ve dealt with the clients, the partners, the firms
You have learned how to practice on your - not their- terms.
So many files dealt with, forgotten, archived
And Girl - through it all, well hell, you’ve survived!

So those wrinkles the kids scoff at- let ‘em chuckle I say
They may think you know nothing but I think “no way”
Let us share with our sisters experience gained,
All those years spent in practice have not been in vain.
And in return, you get something much greater it seems
A friend, a new colleague and renewed self-esteem