BarTalk | December 2012

  • December 01, 2012

The times – they are a changing for families and family lawyers. The FLA cuts across many areas of law, so we devote most of this issue to it. Also enjoy questions of Biblical proportion about how Abraham’s heirs would do under our inheritance laws, learn to speak more convincingly than a politician and read of CBABC contributions to the Uniform Law Conference.

BarTalk | December 2011

  • December 01, 2011

Like everything in life, legal careers start and finish. We discuss both ends of the spectrum, as each requires planning to succeed. Articles discuss starting your own firm, succession planning, retirement financial planning, winding down your practice and developing a life after law. And we tell of TRU law school’s grand opening.

BarTalk | December 2010

  • December 01, 2010

Technology – learn to love it because there’s no leaving it. In fact, it seems those lawyers who do not learn to navigate the online IT highway may soon be left as “road-kill” alongside it. We journey to such destinations as the upcoming “eCourts,” a new virtual law practice that is online and paperless, and client markets through blogs, Facebook, Twitter and online legal directories. Everything about the practice of law is changing through technology, so discover why you need to incorporate IT due diligence into your practice.

BarTalk | December 2009

  • December 01, 2009

It’s unavoidable; British Columbia is on a collision course with the 2010 Winter Olympics. In a few short months, athletes and spectators will transform B.C.’s host cities and our courts will fall silent. In this issue we interview one of Canada’s most medalled athletes; lawyer and Olympian, Tricia Smith and feature a diversity of articles, reflective of the wide scope of this profession: Patricia Jordan discusses the impact of technology on our privacy; Walter Rilkoff and Amir Ghahreman examine the ethics of negotiation and Frank Sanitate and Douglas Gillies provide insight into what your paralegal really thinks.

BarTalk | December 2008

  • December 01, 2008

A major victory for lawyers in BC; EFS: evolution through consultation; a classic updated - rediscovering the BC Ombudsman's Office; buy FSC labeled paper; a day in the life of an Olympic athlete; and more.

BarTalk | December 2007

  • December 01, 2007

Many lawyers struggle to achieve prosperity at work while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In this issue, we explore strategies for attaining a positive work-life balance, from promoting healthy workplaces to sweating off the inevitable holiday pounds. Four guest contributors join our regular columnists in exploring this topic.

BarTalk | December 2013

  • December 01, 2013

BarTalk makes history with its first solely online edition and we hope to hear from readers on how they find the experience. This well-travelled issue looks at recent developments in immigration and refugee law and how B.C. lawyers are making a difference abroad in Central America, Tunisia and Ethiopia, in such diverse activities as film-making, summiting mountains for charity and assisting legal systems in areas of tumult.

BarTalk | December 2005

  • December 01, 2005

SST Recommendation by Government Committee; Guide to Effective Computer Presentations for Lawyers: In the Courtroom and at the Office; Security Checklist; E-filing in the BC Courts; Privacy Law, Information Security & ID Theft; Juricert, Digital Signatures and EFS; Clients Guide to Litigation: Understanding the Litigation Process; and more.

BarTalk | December 2003

  • December 01, 2003

SCC Upholds Solicitor-Client Privilege; CBA Favours Bill C-20 With Amendments; CBA Warns Against Use of National ID Cards; An Ancient and Honorable Profession; CBA Launches RRSP Service; Study On Access to Legal Aid; National Sections Meet Department of Justice; Parking Tickets by E-mail; Selling Legal Services; Researching Cases on the Internet; CBA International Internship Program; and more.

BarTalk | December 2002

  • December 01, 2002

One Court for Family Law?; Tired of the Legal Aid Issue? You Bet; Respected Solicitor Receives Top CBA Honour; WCB Assessment Rate Remains $0.15; Equality Committee Report; Collegiality in Family Law Practice; Online Audio and Video Conference; All the World is a Stage; and more.