Access to Justice

Access to Justice

August 2018
Human Solidarity and A2J

Human Solidarity and A2J

It's time to reinvigorate our compassion and demand more

By Caroline Nevin
What Access to Justice Means for<br>Our Most Vulnerable

What Access to Justice Means for
Our Most Vulnerable

By Aleem Bharmal
Inside this issue:

Access to justice is an ever-present issue for those involved in the legal profession. Not only is it a core principle of our legal system, it underpins our daily work in providing services to clients, and on a broader scale, as lawyers we are thrust into the spotlight in the conversation around access to justice in our communities. In this month’s issue our authors discuss: the barriers that inadequate access to justice create; challenges of providing access to justice faced by the legal profession and society in general; initiatives and ideas to address that need, and much more.



Bill Veenstra
My Final BarTalk Column as President

Looking back at the past 11 months in the CBABC

by Bill Veenstra

What Does Access to Justice Mean for David Eby?


Get to Know Attorney General David Eby

By Donna Turko, QC

Caroline Nevin
Human Solidarity and A2J

It’s time to reinvigorate our compassion and demand more

by Caroline Nevin

Re-Envisioning A2J

by Zahra H. Jimale

David J. Bilinsky
Access to Technology

A little standardization goes a long way

by David J. Bilinsky

What Access to Justice Means for Our Most Vulnerable

by Aleem Bharmal

Tech Tips
In the search for the legal holy grail, the goal, at least at this time, is elusive.

Here are some common alternatives:

by David J. Bilinksy

Why Not a Two-Tier Family Justice System?

by Joel Miller

Tony Wilson
The Speculation Tax That Isn’t

BC outlaws the urban pied-à-terre

by Tony Wilson, QC

Brandon Hastings
UVic Access to Justice Centre for Excellence

2018/19 Plan

by Professor M. Jerry McHale, QC

Tina Dion
Indigenous Matters
A Recap of 2017/2018 ALF Initiatives

A farewell from the Chair

by Tina Dion, QC

Tina Dion
Indigenous Matters
Indigenous Children in Care Need a Voice in our Courtrooms

by Frances Rosner

Guest Column
Dealing with Law Society Complaints

by Michael Butterfield


Bar Moves: Who's Moving Where and When
New Members: Welcome to the CBA!


Legal Opportunities

with ZSA

Great Wines Charity Gala

Take Action

Calling All Lawyers: Share Your Knowledge, Be a Mentor
Call for Nominations: 2018 Georges A. Goyer, QC Memorial Award for Distinguished Service

Sections & Professional Development

Upcoming Professional Development
A review of provincial Section meetings

Also in this issue:

Judicial Council of BC Calling for Judicial Justice Applications
WLF BC Update
Take Care of the Foreign Caregivers: Recommendations for the IRCC
Law Foundation Grants Approved