June 2018

  • June 01, 2018
Tracking Marijuana's Legal Metamorphosis Using Quickscribe 

The shift from prohibition to legalization and regulation of marijuana means tremendous system-wide legislative, regulatory and policy reform at all levels of government. In BC alone, the proposed Cannabis Distribution Act and Cannabis Control and Licensing Act, both in first reading, will affect other domains ranging from agricultural land reserve use to policing, sales tax to tenancy, motor vehicle to pharmacy operations, protection of privacy to workers compensation.

How can you expect to parse these cannabis law changes and understand them overall — let alone track when legislative changes come into force? Thankfully, Courthouse Libraries BC works closely with Quickscribe Services Ltd. We’ve worked with the legislation service to develop a customizable email-based service for informing you about recent and upcoming changes to laws. We license a full suite of Quickscribe’s legislative research tools in our branches, so you can find “cannabis” and/or “marijuana” keyword references in any BC act, regulation, bill, OIC, Hansard debate, etc. You can also configure email alerts to track as laws enter different readings and take effect. That’s something that will work for you even when you can’t come into a branch. Let us know if it’s something you’d like to explore.