National Section Meeting Report 2014/2015

  • September 30, 2014


National Air and Space Law Section


September 17, 2014


Westin Montreal (Youville Room)

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BC Branch Representative: Darryl Pankratz


  1. Welcome (Brian Poston - Chair)
    The new CBA staff liaison for our section, Augusta Acquah, was introduced. Jennifer LaLonde, Director for National Conferences, also attended to assist with the transition from Emily Clarke to Augusta Acquah. Appreciation was expressed for all of Emily’s assistance.
  2. Approval of Agenda and Minutes (for both the prior National In-Person Section Meeting of 2013 and the most recent conference call meeting of June, 2014)
  3. Report from the Chair (Brian Poston)
  4. ABA - Forum on Air and Space Law
    Robert Span, the current Chair, and Monica Hargrove, the Chair-Elect, met with our Executive to discuss possible ways to promote and enhance the relationships between the CBA and ABA. Where possible, this may include opportunities to have ABA participation in CBA webinars and perhaps invite someone to be an ex-officio executive member.
  5. Roundtable Discussion
    (a)Updates from Manitoba, British Columbia and Ontario
  6. Member Communications (Jennifer LaLonde).
    (a) Changes are to be made to the CBA website
    (b) Newsletters are to be phased out with a focus on having more regular information and contents placed onto the website on a regular and ongoing basis rather than the current method of arranging for periodic newsletters to be prepared and published. This will be complete by 2015.
  7. Planning and Priorities 2014/2015
  8. Legislation and Law Reform
    Cape Town Convention now ratified in all Provinces and Territories.
  9. Lunch meeting with Transport Canada
    See attached Agenda.
  10. Professional Development
    The National Section intends to arrange for a teleconference session to be held in December regarding practical application of Cape Town Convention. Speakers and dates to be arranged.
    Webinar on UVAs to be arranged for 2015.
    Primer on dealing with Transport Canada to be developed.

See below PDF for Agenda and full Minutes.

National Air Law Section Meeting Minutes