Criminal Law

Criminal Charges and Court Procedures
201   Possession of Marijuana - Audio
202   Shoplifting - Audio
203   Conditional Sentences, Probation and Discharges - Audio
204   Outstanding Warrants and Welfare - Audio
205   Criminal Records and Applying for a Record Suspension - Audio
206   Stalking, Criminal Harassment and Cyberbullying - Audio
210   If You Receive an Appearance Notice or Summons - Audio
211   Defending Yourself Against a Criminal Charge - Audio
212   Pleading Guilty to a Criminal Charge - Audio
215   Charging Someone with a Criminal Offence Audio
216   Being a Witness - Audio
217   Applying for a Peace Bond and Filing Assault Charges - Audio
242   Firearms and Firearms Act - Audio
433   Appearing in Court by Phone - Audio

Complaints Against the Police
220   Complaints Against the RCMP - Audio
221   Complaints Against Municipal Police - Audio

Youth and the Law
225   Young People and Criminal Law - Audio
226   Youth Justice Court Trials - Audio

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