Aboriginal Law Student Scholarship Trust

The BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association (CBABC) negotiated an agreement with Indspire to advance legal education for Aboriginal persons through the establishment of annual scholarships for Aboriginal persons to attend law school.

CBABC Agreements with International Bar Associations

The CBABC enters into agreements with international bar associations in order to strengthen bilateral cooperation between legal professions, promote business opportunities, and increase the friendly exchange of information so as to develop the legal systems and economies of international regions.

Court Rules Implementation Monitoring Initiative

The new Supreme Court civil and family law rules came into effect on 1 July 2010. The CBABC has established two subcommittees to monitor implementation of the new rules, gather feedback and distribute information to the membership.

Dispute Resolution Service

If you have a conflict with another lawyer or staff, and you’re looking for outside help to resolve it, try the CBABC Dispute Resolution Service.

International Development Program

Since 1990, the CBA has delivered legal and justice reform and capacity building projects in 29 countries across Asia, Africa, Central Europe and the Caribbean.

Legal Speakers Bureau

Would your group benefit from information about the law? If your group consists of 15 people or more, the Legal Speakers Bureau will provide your group with a qualified volunteer speaker at no cost.

Public Commission on Legal Aid

The Public Commission on Legal Aid was established in June of 2010 to engage the public of British Columbia in order to determine their priorities regarding legal aid in the province of British Columbia.


The Rural Education and Access to Lawyers Initiative (REAL), is an access to justice initiative that addresses the current and projected shortage of lawyers practicing in small communities and rural areas of British Columbia.


SoloLink is a forum for lawyers who are sole practitioners or practitioners in a small firm and offers an opportunity to pose questions, offer advice, and share information.