Practice Management

Managing a law practice is difficult. Here are some suggestions, philosophies, and software to make it easier. 

The Business of Law

Female Innovators In The Business Of Law

“While female legal technology leadership should certainly be discussed and applauded, I believe another notable area is innovation in the business of law—and the women entrepreneurs who excel in the legal and business space.”

Opening Your Own Office: What Will It Cost?

This page is an excerpt from Ed Poll’s More Secrets of the Business of Law.


The Struggles of Lawyer-Leaders and What They Need to Know

Questions and comments about being a lawyer-leader from The New York State Bar Association.

Focus & Goals

Single Goal vs Multiple Goals

Not Your Average Lawyer discusses goals and how to prioritize them.

Too Much Focus on Goals Can Get You Into Trouble

An article from Slaw about the affect of goals and focus.


Every minute counts to a billing lawyer

An article about Tony Baker’s use of technology, particularly Clio, to keep track of client time.

File Management

15 file management tips for small-firm lawyers

Tips from David Paul on practical ways to organize your firm’s file system.

File Management Practice Management Guideline

Guidelines from the The Law Society of Upper Canada about file management.

Diversity & Firm Culture

Law Firm Diversity Pages

Many law firms now include details about their diversity policies on their websites. For example:

Client Management

30 Best Practices

30 Best Practices: Strategies for law firm management by the CBA is a helpful collection of various articles focused on managing your law firm.

Client Service and Communication Practice Management Guideline

Guidelines from the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Managing the lawyer/client relationship

Information and links from PracticePRO about managing relationships.

Time Management

Guide to Time Management for Lawyers

If you’re like most lawyers, you no doubt wish you could bill more, work less, and leave the office feeling that you’ve put in a good day. But inevitably, you’re apt to waste time hunting for documents or procrastinate over starting a task.

Own the clock

CBA’s Practice Link presents the top 10 time management tips, from lawyers, for lawyers.

Life-Long Learning & Professional Development


Continued Professional Development is a requirement to practising law in Canada. CBABC PD offers programs year-round in-person, via webinar, or on-demand.



Clio is a cloud-based management tool for lawyers.

Pro Bono & Legal Aid

Access Pro Bono

Access Pro Bono’s mission is to promote access to justice in British Columbia by providing and fostering quality pro bono legal services for people and non-profit organizations of limited means.

Alternative Legal Careers

Career Alternatives for Lawyers

Practising law is not the only thing you can do with a law degree. CBA has a practical and helpful guide on some alternatives.

Life After Law

Life After Law is a North American recruitment firm dedicated to placing highly skilled and marketable legal professionals in careers outside of traditional law firm practice.

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